Advanced Wellness Connections

Advanced Wellness Connections offers body healing utilizing the Feldenkrais Method®. The Feldenkrais Method, often referred to simply as "Feldenkrais", is a somatic educational system designed by Moshé Feldenkrais (1904–1984). Feldenkrais aims to reduce pain or limitations in movement, to improve physical function, and to promote general wellbeing.


The Approach

Nancy Haller offers the hands-on Functional Integration sessions to improve posture, balance and movement. Sessions are done with the client fully clothed, in sitting, lying or standing postures to engage or change postural and functional patterns that increase pain, limit movement potentials, and reduce the ability to perform activities of daily life. Nancy guides the client, either verbally or through gentle educated touch, through movement sequences to relieve pain, reduce tension, and enhance possible options of stability, mobility and flexibility. The client leaves with an overall sense of wellbeing and is aware of how to replicate some of the patterns for continued self-care.

Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education®
The Feldenkrais Method is presented in two models. Both of these options are designed to enhance posture, improve balance and increase movement potential. There may be pain to some level, utilizing movement to find the most comfortable position or placement becomes a choice in personal awareness and self-care.

Functional Integration® (FI) Individual hands-on sessions, Functional Integration, are personalized and created to meet the requests and observations of the client and practitioner. Sessions usually begin with conversations to direct the process, observations to have a baseline for progress and change, the hands-on movement guidance with interactive moments to become aware and learn a quick self-care hint. Use of bolsters and padding, to provide support and reduce muscle contractions enhances the possibility for greater movement patterns, allowing the client to quit working and rest. Practitioners use a quality of touch which reduces pain while gently and confidently guiding change in chronic painfully contracted musculature. Wear comfortable clothes, as you remain dressed during the session.

Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) Group or Individualize classes called ATM are presented with a Practitioner verbally guiding the class through a sequence of movement patterns, done in lying, sitting, kneeling or standing on the floor. Individual capabilities are considered and accommodations to make the impossible become possible are themes throughout the classes. Sequences are simple with complexities added as the capacity to explore options and ability improves. ATM offers slow, gentle, kind directions allowing time for the body to organize the 650 muscles and 205 bones into a more functional mobile structure ready to participate in the activities of daily life with ease and comfort.


What is happening?

By working on the patients foot, Nancy is not only supporting the foot she is also mobilizing the ankle, knee and hip.

What is happening?

Here while working with the shoulder she is reducing the shoulder and neck pain while relieving tension in the mid thoracic area.

What is happening?

Increasing mobility and flexibility from the fingers, hand, wrist to the elbow and cervical. This will ease the tension in all the related areas including the jaw.