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Nancy has been a Nationally Certified Continuing Education Provider for massage therapists and body-workers since 2003 teaching NeuroMuscular Re-education and Medical Massage courses.

“This class has redefined my massage techniques! I am so grateful to Nancy for her knowledge base. She is an amazing woman and I would love to take this class a hundred times over. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”

Melissa H.- Portland, OR

“I have to rate Nancy as “EXCELLENT” in all of the following categories:
Knowledge of subject matter
Ability to handle question/lead discussions
Provide training manuals/meet course objectives

I wish that all the protocols were taught with the finesse that Nancy embodies.”

Bass Lake, CA

“Nancy was fabulous. Her work gave me a completely different view of the body, the Myofascial system and how key the nervous system is to all we do. Most importantly, I was astounded on how respectful in all manners this treatment is for patient and therapist with awesome outcomes!
Nancy, it was my privilege to be taught by you. You are a dynamic person with a gentle spirit. ”

Laura G. - Chicago, IL

“Nancy exhibited diversified knowledge of subject matter and presented I formation in an easy to understand manner. Nancy was attentive to individual techniques and provided positive and appropriate feedback for improving that technique. She provided adequate time to practice all the techniques.
Nancy, you are an awesome instructor and role model to emulate!!! ”

Gordon T. - Pittsburgh, PA

“Nancy Haller is a great teacher. She answered questions and came to “our aid” quickly. I enjoyed her in depth knowledge and how she presented herself. This lady has been through a lot! I admire her tenacity and courage. She is an inspiration to me. You go girl!”

Kathleen G. - Pittsburgh, PA

“The best one so far. Nancy is a delight to be around. She injects humor and insight into her teaching style. She makes learning fun and has a profound effect on everyone."

Judy B. - Pittsburgh, PA

“I really appreciate Nancy’s knowledge and expertise, personality and ability to communicate what she knows, to us. It is very helpful when a teacher reviews the previous day’s material and text material – it makes for success. All the course teachers did this. Thanks Nancy. You were fun and made it a great day! Most helpful of all techniques.”

Betty K. - Chicago, IL

“Instructor is an excellent clinician with a broad and deep understanding of neuromuscular re-education. She did an excellent job of helping the students acquire the skills. She had a natural sense of humor which complimented her teaching style without distracting us from the course content. A great learning experience. Thank you!”

Joan S. - Denver, CO

“BRAVO on the new way courses are taught. Nancy is fabulous. The material taught will be added to my repertoire tomorrow! This is truly the best course I’ve taken with this course of study. It was great to have more table time!! THANKS AGAIN!!”

Marshall R. - Orlando, FL