Advanced Training Connections


Educator, Nancy Haller, has been teaching industry professionals since 1999.

NCBTMB CE Provider #450156-06
Florida Continuing Education Provider # 508759


Massage Therapists
Feldenkrais Practitioners®
Body Work Practitioners
Alternative Healthcare Practitioners
Life Skills


Neuromuscular Connections
Neuromuscular Re Education
Medical Massage Certification
Medical Massage Evaluation & Treatment
Protocols for Medical Massage
Bones for Life®

What is happening?

Focus on supporting the weight of the head while isolating muscle holding patterns. Specific touch at the place of reduced movement or pain brings the client's awareness to a physical location for site specific change in balance of tension.

What is happening?

Focus on supporting the weight of the whole upper arm, scapula and clavicle to allow all the connected and related musculature to reduce the work of contractual holding to restore system wide balance, reduce pain and increase patterns of movement.

What is happening?

Focus on the functional use of the arm in relationship to the shoulder, thoracic and cervical areas to reduce pain and increase ROM for the client.